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Though this retreat frequently involves emotional and dynamic self-reflection, it is ultimately a creative retreat, not a therapeutic one. We encourage people who are under the care of a mental health professional to consult with that individual before making the decision to attend. This retreat does not represent or in any way promise to you a therapeutic or medical mental health experience or such treatment, and no mental health professional will be on staff. If you have an incident during the retreat that gives rise to a situation where you require a mental health professional, we are under no obligation to provide one to you or to otherwise provide mental or emotional health care and treatment to you. While we are under no such obligation to you, to our reasonable abilities under the circumstances we will do our best to ensure that person receives appropriate medical/psychiatric attention. We will also exercise reasonable efforts under the circumstances to contact the individual’s emergency contact to provide information and updates on the situation. This retreat accepts no responsibility for incidents we determine, in our sole and absolute discretion, require the attention, care or treatment of a medical or mental health professional.
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