Dar Williams Retreat

Raquel Vidal, Retreat Coordinator, Songwriting Coach

Raquel Vidal is a singer-songwriter and lead singer of Diamond Hotel, an original band performing throughout the Hudson Valley and NY metro area. She also performs as a solo artist and in support of others, both live and and in the studio. Raquel plays guitar and piano – often using her foundation on piano to build songs musically while creating lyrics grounded in universal emotional truths. Raquel conducts group songwriting workshops during the retreat for songwriters looking for her unique perspective. As retreat coordinator since Dar formed WASTM in 2013, she likes to point out, 'This retreat is for and by songwriters.' Raquel gratefully acknowledges this family of retreaters who has organically helped the team shape and grow the retreat experience through nurturing feedback and continued community and who keeps returning annually for more.

updated: 2 weeks ago