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Dar Williams Retreat


2023 Winter virtual songwriting workshops coming soon!

Jan 5-8 2023     Many Stars That Guide Us online retreat - more info coming soon

Feb 9-12 2023   SoFab Collab online retreat - more info coming soon

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updated: 2 weeks ago

And the blessings were like poets that we never find time to know,
But when time stopped I found the place where the poets go.
And they said, "Here have some coffee, it's straight, black and very old, "
And they gave me sticks and rocks and stars and all that I could hold,
I had the blessings, a moment of peace even when the night ends,
Yeah, the blessings, can we meet? Can we meet again,
At the crossroads of disaster and the imperfect smile,
With the angel in the streetlamp that blinks on as I walk on a mile, the blessings.
– Dar Williams, The Blessings

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