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Dar Williams Retreat

Michele Gedney, Song Whisperer

Michele Gedney, Songwriting Coach

Michele Gedney has been writing songs since she was seven years old. She continued writing throughout her life, mostly in the privacy of her room. In 1999, she ventured out to explore performing and met her musical partner and husband, Rick. Under the name Open Book, the duo released several albums which received critical acclaim and national airplay. In 2013, Michele and Rick, along with Raquel joined Dar as founders of Writing a Song That Matters. Witnessing the growth of this vibrant songwriting community over the past decade has been an amazing experience for her. She will be conducting workshops for any songwriters wanting to benefit from her refined perspective. Michele would love to help you develop your phrasing, melodies, and chord progressions so they support your song in the best possible way. To hear Open Book, click here.