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Dar Williams Retreat

Raquel Vidal, Retreat Coordinator, Song Whisperer

Raquel Vidal, Coordinator, Songwriting Coach

Raquel Vidal is a singer-songwriter and also leads Diamond Hotel, a band performing throughout the Hudson Valley and NY metro area. She can also be found supporting others musically, both live and in the studio. Raquel plays guitar and piano, often switching instruments while writing to further a song from different perspectives. She see songs as not only opportunities to communicate messages and narratives, but as having the ability to carry us through a rich array of emotional terrain. We can make a song uniquely our own by closely looking at: how we use our voices melodically and dynamically, what chord choices we make, how the song format affects the flow, how our lyric editing can be optimized, and how rythm, tempo, key and instrumentation can further nuance a song. Raquel will be offering workshops during the retreat for songwriters looking to dial up the focus on these elements to honestly, effectively and beautifully connect their song with the listener. Whatever level you are at is the perfect level to be at – she (like the other coaches) will meet you wherever you are!