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Dar Williams Retreat

Portrait of Kellie Lin Knott

Kellie Lin Knott, Tech Coach

Minneapolis based Singer-songwriter, Kellie Lin Knott, was enlisted by the Writing a Song That Matters team to help ease the transition from in person to virtual retreats in July of 2020, and has been involved with all virtual events since. Kellie has a passion for problem-solving and dispelling stressful situations, and loves taking part in the camaraderie and magic of the Writing a Song That Matters community. When not working with the retreat team, Kellie runs a business offering streaming solutions for independent artists, offers tech support and coaching for those wanting to learn how to create their own livestreams, hangs out with her pitbull cocker spaniel mix, Donna Dog, and performs online. She continues to write and play music as a soloist and as a for-hire vocalist, rhythm guitarist and songwriter (her absolute favorite thing to do is to howl harmonies at the moon).